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Children’s haircuts in Fulham

If you like me don’t dare to cut your child’s hair (I tried once and he ended up looking like a member of The Beatles with his bowl haircut), then you might be looking for some professional help.

I’ve tried a few hairdressers and here is my lowdown.

Anna’s hair salon (Fulham Palace Road – £14) – has a section at the back dedicated to kids with vintage chairs in the shape of a pony or truck, an aquarium, and a TV streaming kid’s programmes.  My child kept calm while his hair was being cut and at the end he was rewarded with a chuppa chup.  

Sean Hanna (Putney High Street – £15) – While there are no specific provisions made for kids like Anna’s hair salon, we had a good experience here.

The Mug & Brush (Parsons Green – £17) – This is a men’s grooming shop but they also cut children’s hair and we’ve had a good experience here as well.


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