“Absolutely in love with my breastfeeding cover!! Love the print and love how I am still able to bond with baby girl through the stiff neck so she is able to still see me. Thank you so much for a fantastic product to use on my breastfeeding journey.
… using it at home and going to venture out elsewhere with it at the weekend. It was my sons birthday yesterday so had lots of family around so tried it out in front of family and felt so comfortable! Which is going to make a huge difference to me being able to get out of the house a bit more and still maintaining breastfeeding.” 


“Bought this after seeing an advert pop up on instagram and so Pleased I did! Such a simple but effective design makes you wonder why you didn’t think of it first! I wanted to be able to breastfeed in public but I’m not bold enough to just go for it and wanted to be covered up. I was getting a bit fed up with faffing about hiding under Muslins/scarves etc and this is perfect. It’s effectively an apron with an adjustable neck strap, 100% cotton which is lovely, and a bone like in shirt collars to hold up the neck so you can see what your doing and maintain that lovely eye contact with bubba. You can’t be seen at all and little one likes looking at the pattern under It. It has pockets which handy for all sorts and as my 4 year old decided it also makes a good blanket when not in use! Also folds up small for baby bag, won’t go out without it now!” 


“Love this!! Adjustable fit, breathable fabric, and good coverage. I feel much more comfortable feeding in public now.”


“I’ve been using this for a couple weeks now and I love it. I never really wanted a cover up but this has made me change my mind. The pattern is adorable. The fabric – light and airy for baby and me. Its a lovely size, making me feel secure that we are both covered. I’m not typically a fan of labels on clothes but the ‘my little koala’ tag is too cute. I love the pouch it comes in for easy storage and I love the suggestion of keeping it and repurposing it as an apron! Definitely 5 stars.” 


I find the little koala nursing cover to be great during the summer when you’re out, I can feed anywhere, feeling relaxed.It’s light & breathable for baby & easy to use for Mum. 


“Lovely design, fantastic quality and speedy delivery! Can’t wait to use it when my little one arrives.” 


“My Little Koala feeding apron is fabulous. Living in a house where there are many coming and goings, I can happily feed my baby without terrifying the teenagers, extended family and the postman! It feels nice and comfortable and looks great too. I can see my baby easily with the open neck band, and the extended sides keep me covered up. It feels safe and snug under there as he feeds. I plan to adapt and use as a kitchen apron afterwards.” 


“It’s given me the confidence to breastfeed in public in a discreet and practical way. I like it because I don’t feel that I’m “hiding” the fact that I’m breastfeeding, but the way the apron hangs really doesn’t draw attention to it- and I can easily check on my baby!” 


“The cover is very handy and brilliant for people lacking confidence feeding in public (like myself). Initially I thought it was a bit fiddly especially with a baby underneath pulling on it but once I’d got use to it I love it. The design is beautiful and the fabric soft. 
I would definitely recommend a cover if you are not confident feeding in public.”


“it’s fantastic thanks so much, love its 100% cotton and fully machine washable too”


“helps when I’m at park or in the car and have to feed I can cover up as I found using blanket annoying kept falling down the cover stays in place really love it”


“it has been great – nice and big enough to cover everything but easy for me to keep enough breathing space for my daughter who doesn’t like being covered up even by muslins but she was fine so definitely a success”


“This is my second purchase as I got my first breastfeeding cover from the baby show. The fabrics and colours are gorgeous, the quality is great and I use it all the time with lots of compliments. Thanks for a great service and product.”