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One good deed a day


In the aftermath of the recent US elections, a lot of emotion has been passing through our group of family and friends.  And we are not even Americans.

Suffice to say, the election of Donald Trump to the highest post in the US has brought about a significant amount of disappointment.  I wonder about the people who voted for him and what they must think.  As a new mum, I worry about the future we’re creating and the role models we are selecting.  I can’t change the election results but I want to have some small positive impact in the world.  I want to hear some good news in between all the destruction taking place in the world.

So I’m going to make a personal pledge to do one positive deed a day.  It may be as small as smiling at the supermarket checkout clerk and taking my earphones out while I speak to him/her, or it might be waving to drivers who slow down to let me cross the road or donating some money.  

I would love others to join me on this journey.  Maybe this way we can all shape a better world for our children.  We should celebrate good deeds and share happy news and maybe we can all feel a bit more uplifted each day.


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