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Don’t pretend you don’t see

Since I made this pact with myself publicly yesterday, it’s kind of put me on the spot. I’ve been thinking about what my good deed for today was going to be.  
On my way back home this afternoon after doing a few chores with my son in the pram, I saw a small accident.  A young teenage girl was running across the road onto on coming traffic and a car hit her.  The car wasn’t going particularly fast but it made a sound that made me gasp.  The young girl retreated back to the island in the middle of the road.  I called out to see if she was alright.  Thankfully she was.  The car stopped after the traffic lights and an old lady got out to see what had happened but the girl had walked on.    I decided to go speak with her especially as no-one else had seen the accident.  She didn’t know how the accident had happened and was a bit shaken.  We talked for a while and she asked for my details in case the Police wanted to speak with me.  
Anyway, this made me think of the Baby First Aid Course I had done last week. Right at the beginning we were shown videos of scenarios (enactments)where someone had taken ill and/or were calling for help on a busy London sleep, and people just walked past. It wasn’t until one person walked up to the person to see if they were ok, that others stepped in.  Imagine that you’re that person who needs help.  I understand the motivation of people who walked past.  We all feel scared and think someone else might be better qualified to help but as we learnt on the First Aid Course you can’t make the situation any worse by going to help. 
Don’t be that person who walks past.  



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