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Breastfeeding tip of the day

Breastfeeding tip


Before I gave birth to my son, a colleague told me to try breastfeeding for at least 6 weeks before giving up.  That rang in my ears each day in those early weeks as I tried to breastfeed my son.  He’d cry and fuss because he probably wasn’t getting enough milk but it was important to at least give him what was there and that in turn build up my milk supply.  At the beginning learning to breastfeed is like learning a new sport.  You have to develop your technique and figure out how to hold the baby that works for you and your baby.  Hang in there, it will get easier.  I’d love to hear about your breastfeeding challenges and what you did.

Breastfeeding-tip-of-the-day-Give breastfeeding 6 weeks
Breastfeed for at least 6 weeks
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