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A few of the best baby friendly cafes in London

In the first six months of our baby’s life, our life seems to be ruled by the feeding needs of our baby.   And it’s in those early days that we depend so much on the company of other mum’s to share our experiences, frustrations and tips.  My NCT group of girls often met at a cafe in the neighbourhood and I came to know and rate each cafe not just for its coffee but also for its baby friendliness.

Some cafes were just more baby friendly than others.  For example, did they have a ramp for wheeling the buggy into the cafe? Did they have a change table? Was there a bathroom that would fit both you and your buggy? Was there enough space to park the pram? Were there other mothers breastfeeding their babies? Was the music too loud?

Cafe Tinto (Fulham)

Tried and True cafe in Putney wins on all accounts hands down. In fact, if you don’t have a baby you’ll stand out here.  Go on a Friday morning, and many mums have come back from swimming lessons nearby.  And the staff are lovely.  This is one cafe where you will feel totally at ease with a baby.

Pain Quotidian in Parsons Green is another favourite with mums.  The soft music and hum of chatter from other tables is good for sleeping babies.  And there are tables at the back away from the main restaurant where it’s more secluded and you can breastfeed comfortably.

Gail’s Bakery on Fulham Rd has easy ramp access, high chairs and nappy changing facilities.  Plus afterwards you can stroll to the lovely baby boutiques like Indian Summer and Little Heros on the same road.

Skylark Cafe in Wandsworth Common has no stairs, a change table and even baby sensory classes on certain days of the week.  And of course, you can grab a cup of coffee.  For toddlers, there is also a playground to explore.

Baby friendly coffee shops in South West London
Baby friendly cafes in South West London
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