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Where’s my milk?


I’m currently clearing bottles and bottles of supplements we bought earlier this year to increase my milk supply. 

Just have a look at this:

Supplements to help increase supply of breast milk
Supplements to help increase supply of breast milk

You name it I tried it.  I was determined to breastfeed my son but when the health advisor told us for the fourth time in 10 days that our baby had dropped weight since his birth and we had to supplement with formula milk, it was time to admit that I wasn’t producing enough milk.  

Despite the sleepless nights, my husband and I researched everything that was written about increasing milk supply.  He made Moringa shakes for me for breakfast for the first month which actually tasted delicious.  

We tried remedies from different cultures.  There was the Chinese bone soup, the barley and chicken soup.  I popped so many supplement pills from fenugreek to brewers yeast.  I drank goat’s rue tea and raspberry leaf tea and black tea with milk.  I snacked on carrots and hummus and almonds. There was of course oats to be had.  No wonder I wasn’t losing weight. Garlic and ginger were added to recipes frequently.

I don’t know for sure if any of these remedies worked.  I tried to also build my milk supply by pumping in between feeds.   The moral of the story is that breastfeeding isn’t easy and takes a lot of effort. Hang in there because there is light at the end of the tunnel. 

By the way, here is a fantastic article on increasing milk supply.

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