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Bronze award received from Bizzibaby

My Little Koala nursing covers has been awarded the Bronze medal from Bizzibaby!

Here are what the testers thought of My Little Koala’s breastfeeding covers:

Product Tested By Marianne Storey – Annabelle 8 Weeks

Marianne Awarded The My Little Koala Breastfeeding Cover 4.5/5

My initial impression of this product was very positive. Stylish and 100% cotton, I was excited to try it. The packaging was perfect. It was stylish, recyclable and size appropriate which are all very important to me and most of the mum’s I know. The leaflet of breastfeeding advice ‘try to’ and ‘try not to’ was absolutely fantastic, a really nice touch.The design is well thought out and I really liked it. The size is refreshing as previous breastfeeding covers that I have tried have not been big enough or had the handy pockets.It was very comfortable and a great fit. The D ring was tricky to tie the first time for me as there weren’t any instructions of how to secure that but once I’d figured it out, it was fine.I found it really easy to use whist breastfeeding once I’d sorted the strap. I would suggest a few simple instructions to tie the strap to the D rings here to have given it a 5. I did find it easy to use this to breastfeed in public. It took seconds to take the cover out and put it on/off. I definitely felt more confident using the cover and wasn’t concerned about whether I was fully covered as the size was perfect.I felt my baby was safe as I could easily see her during each feed and I knew she wasn’t overheating as the material was 100% cotton.The cotton was great quality, one of the D rings fell off the first time I used it but I easily put it on. I also used the cover to lay my baby on in the park, to create a bit of shade by hanging it over the side of the pram. This is made of 100% cotton enabling the material to be breathable. I definitely found this to be true. And that definitely helps a peaceful feed in public.It is a little fiddly to wash it as I took the d rings off, but other than that it’s fine.I really like the pockets and the size of the cover. I’ve been using the pockets for breast pads which has been really handy.I use it every time I go out as my baby is still quite young and feeds a lot.Its 100% cotton, one of the d rings did fall off the first time I used it but the cotton is perfect. I’d say it was slightly on the expensive side, but think it is a fantastic product. I would consider buying it as the pockets I found really helpful and I love the different prints to choose from.Although slightly on the pricey side, it is a great and stylish product that I would recommend to friends and family. I really enjoyed using this product. Not only was it stylish and functional with the handy pockets on the front, but 100% cotton so I knew my baby wasn’t overheating underneath. It comes in a range of fabulous designs which makes me already think of buying it for friends as a present for baby showers/when babies are born etc. I absolutely loved the ‘try to’ and ‘try not to’ tops inside the box instead of ‘do’ or ‘don’t’. There is so much pressure on mum’s to breastfeed and it really is not easy to establish at all and daunting in public. I found the product fun and practical and the leaflet inside a brilliant touch. Marianne Storey – Annabelle 8 Weeks

Product Tested By Sophie Tester-Lowden – Owen 4 Weeks

Sophie Awarded The My Little Koala Breastfeeding Cover 5/5

This was delivered safe and sound and well packaged. This is easy to use and great to be able to see my baby while feeding; the pockets are very handy as well.This isn’t a fitted top, the cover is large enough to give you and your baby the protection required. I have very large boobs and felt well covered while feeding.I did find it easy to breastfeed using this cover. I have large boobs and it’s very important to be able to see my baby while I feed to ensure a good latch. The cover has allowed me to feel able to feed in public. This has made me feel more confident. Without the cover I would not feel comfortable feeding my baby in public places. I certainly felt my baby was comfortable while using this cover. The cover is made out of good quality fabric which isn’t see through at all.I only used this to breastfeed my baby. The fabric used is breathable and this certainly made if comfortable to feed my baby. Easy to wash on a normal cycle with my other washing. I really loved the modern up to date fabric. I use this cover regularly. I like the quality of the cover. I think £30 is expensive for a breastfeeding cover but I think it’s a necessary breast feeding tool. I would buy this as I think it’s a vital breast feeding tool which has helped ensure I can feed when out and about. I would recommend as being comfortable to feed in public is very important. I think this is a wonderful breastfeeding tool and very handy and easy to use and easy to package up into the changing bag. I like using this product and am very glad I got to trial it as it has been a very good experience. Sophie Tester-Lowden – Owen 4 Weeks

Product Tested By Joanna List – Rosie 7 Weeks

Joanna Awarded The My Little Koala Breastfeeding Cover 4/5

When this arrived it looked good quality. Came in minimal packaging for reduced waste. Love the grey with white stars it can be used for both boys and girls.The strap you adjust around your neck does not stay in place when adjusted. Keeps loosening off. Not as easy as expected when breastfeeding as already mentioned the strap keeps loosening off so unable to see my baby and have to keep readjusting the cover to see her.Once I have got my baby in place and am able to see her I feel confident using this. I do worry it’s going to move while feeding and will not cover me so spent more time checking the cover is over me than looking at my baby. Lovely material soft and great quality. I only used this for breastfeeding. I did find the material used was breathable and this helped. I use a lot when there is no shade so I can breastfeed my baby out the sun. She does not get too hot under it. This was very easy to launder. I loved the fact this can be used for either boy or girl and it stands out enough for people to see you are feeding a baby. I use when I am in public places that I feel it may make other people feel uncomfortable such as where there are older gentleman.~The quality is excellent. Certainly good value. I would give this 5 if there wasn’t the issue with the strap.This product is brilliant. Lovely material with a great design. The issue with the strap makes it difficult to use and when my baby is hungry it really upsets her having to wait while I’m trying to get the cover to ‘cover me’ it also makes it hard to see my baby when feeding as it’s usually too lose to use around the neckline. Joanna List – Rosie 7 Weeks

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