Breastfeeding cover – Green with white flamingos


If you are reluctant to feed in public, My Little Koala nursing covers offer a solution.

You will be able to see your baby through the hooped neckline while maintaining your privacy.  The lovely pattern on the fabric will keep the baby focused on feeding instead of being distracted by what’s going on around him/her.

Once, the neckstrap has been adjusted to fit you, it can be thrown on quickly around your neck whenever the baby needs a feed.

This breastfeeding cover with boning is made from a lightweight cotton fabric.  The gorgous fabric is stylish for you and breathable for the baby.  It also folds into a small size so that it can fit easily in your nappy bag.

Our nursing covers have been designed to have extra wide sides to offer maximum privacy so you feel comfortable feeding your baby in public.

The small pockets on either side allow you to store your phone or baby’s dummy while feeding.


The benefits of breastfeeding are well known. However, many women lack the confidence to breastfeed in public or at home in front of family members and/or friends. According to the Breastfeeding Welcome Scheme, “only 39% of breastfeeding women have fed their baby in public by the time it is 4-6 months old” and “63% of breastfeeding mothers report that they have received unsupportive comments whilst breastfeeding in public (Public Health England (2013) Progress in Breastfeeding in London)”.

Nursing covers allows new mothers to have the confidence to venture out more often while learning to breastfeed their baby.

Features of My Little Koala breastfeeding covers:

• STYLISH BRITISH FABRICS: the fabric pattern makes you feel happy just wearing it

• LOVELY PACKAGING: This breastfeeding cover is a thoughtful gift for a new mum and perfect as a baby shower present

• MULTIPURPOSE: Big enough to use as a playmat, sunshade, or changing mat when outside. Use My Little Koala’s pram pegs to use the nursing cover as a sunshade over the buggy while your baby sleeps.  Turn it into a kitchen apron for later use

• 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE: if you’re not totally satisfied with your My Little Koala breastfeeding cover for any reason, we will refund your money happily


• MACHINE WASHABLE: you can wash at 40C

• BUY AS A GIFT for a friend or family member to help her feel more comfortable breastfeeding her baby